It is located in Akyaka neighborhood, the charming holiday town at the very end of the Gulf of Gökova in Muğla. Water soda. Each season flows at a temperature of 15 degrees. Warm in winter and cold in summer. Even at night in winter, it is worth seeing the fog that occurs over the ridge due to this temperature difference. In the summers, the dormitory is overwhelmed by the hot air, leaving them to cool waters and getting rid of the salt of sea water and taking a shower.
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Çınar Bay

One of the hidden corners of Akyaka worth seeing is the Cinar Beach. Both sea and road transportation can be provided. Çınar Beach 's forest covered with sea and the white stones on the coast offer us a great visuality.

Sedir Island

Sedir Island (Cleopatra Island) ... on the sea in every shade of blue and the world in that it has a feature that can not be seen easily, Gulf of Gokova's even Turkey is one of the most important tourism region. In addition to natural beauties, the island is covered with olive trees, and there are also ancient theater, agora and ancient harbor ruins belonging to the Hellenistic and Roman periods. The sand that is produced as a result of special geological formations is under protection.
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English Harbor

During the Second World War, the British ships fleeing from the German submarines took refuge from the British warships. has a color and very calm still bays. There is a statue of a mermaid just across the bay.


Located in the Special Environmental Protection Area, the sheep sea between Aleppo pines and olive groves is glassy and immaculate. Sheep on the north shore of the Gulf of Gökova is 1.5 km long as its sea is stony. There is a rag in the middle of the sheep. Thanks to the continuous flow of water to the sea in summer and winter, the water maintains its cleanliness and clarity.
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